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Geplaatst op 21-05-2021 in Algemeen

Newsletter – April 

One Health PACT Progress Update ​​​​​


Kick off: Citizen science Mosquito Alert school project 

Mosquito season is here! And with that is the start of an exciting school project. PhD candidates Ayat Abourashed and Louie Krol and Master’s student Laure Remmerswaal kicked off the new Mosquito Alert 3rd Year Competition at Keizer Karel College (KKC) in Amstelveen this month. At KKC, 45 students will be working in groups to capture mosquitoes using mosquitoes traps provided by Louie.

While the groups will be competing with each other, the groups will aggregate all their data that will be recorded via the Mosquito Alert application to answer one big question: Do mosquito populations differ between urban and green areas in Amstelveen? Ayat and Louie provided an introduction to citizen science and Mosquito Alert, and Louie and Laure led a mini-training session on how to set up the traps properly. The students asked a lot of great questions and were very enthusiastic to get started on the project! – Written by Ayat Abourashed.

Sietske Roos